John Decker

VFX Supervisor / Producer

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The Continental

VFX Supervisor

Solos "Nera"

VFX Supervisor

Inventing Anna

VFX Supervisor

Marvel's Runaways

On-Set VFX Supervisor

American Horror Stories

VFX Supevisor

The Flight Attendant

VFX Supervisor


Senior Color & Lighting Artist

I, Robot

Lighting Sequence Lead

Agents of Shield

Motion Capture Supervisor

Winning Time

VFX Supervisor

Life of Pi

Ocean Supervisor

Starship Troopers



CG Supervsior

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

CG Supervisor


CG Supervisor


CG Supervisor


CG Supervisor

For All Mankind

CG Supervisor


25 year veteran in visual effects for feature films, episodic television, commercials, and video games.

Able to communicate clearly and effectively with directors, producers, studio executives, production designers and crew.

  • Experienced in the entire production process, from script breakdown and bidding, tech scouts, on-set supervision to final delivery. LED screens and Virtual Production, Green & Blue screen, high-speed cameras, miniatures, and motion capture.
  • A passion for problem solving, with the ability to pivot and seek unconventional and efficient solutions.
  • Knowledge of the entire VFX workflow, from on-set HDRI, LIDAR, 3D scanning of talent, and camera tracking; through concept development, character rigging, animation, particle effects, rendering and compositing.
  • Well versed in emerging technologies including Generative AI, and the new limits under the WGA and SAG-AFTRA agreements.

Overseas experience supervising on-site & remotely in Canada, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.


3D Scanning Services

Photogrammetry Rig, Drone Surveys, LIDAR is available upon request.

Virtual Production Supervison

Fluent in the vocabulary of LED screens, and StageCraft-style virtual volumes.

AI & Generative Imagery Consultations

Large language models and Generative AI

Script Breakdowns, Budgeting and Bidding

Identification of scenes that require VFX, estimating resources, and developing a detailed production schedule.

Derek Spears

VFX Supervisor - Scanline

John is an excellent problem solver who can both find technical solutions to a problem and artful design.

Johnny Gibson

VFX Supervisor - Double Negative

Its my honor to recommend John to anyone who might be considering him. It doesn't matter what you are asking him to do. If he takes the work then he will succeed by making everyone around him succeed.

Waylon Brink

Technical Art Director - Naughty Dog

He's great at finding innovative technical solutions and he has a great aesthetic sense. But he also keeps the big picture in mind, prioritizing the things that really matter, and working to make sure no detail is missed. John also brought a really good energy to the team, and was a positive influence on everyone he worked with.

Rocco Gioffre

Matte Painter and Visual Effects Designer

John Decker work was beautifully realized and I'm looking forward to working with him again... you would be hard pressed to find a better all around talent in this field.

Joe DiDonato

Studio Consulting Services

A straight shooter, John follows his gut, and it serves him well. Often going above and beyond his own duties, John proved out concepts and techniques previously thought impossible, and opened many new doors of opportunity to the team.


John Decker

President / VFX Supervisor

Stefani Avila

Project Manager

Alex Perkins

Production Assistant




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